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New Citroën C-Zero

Redefining urban driving. The new Citroën C-Zero was envisioned as the ultimate electric city car – compact, nimble, visually appealing and highly versatile. Now available at Wilnecote Motors Citroën, the C-Zero is the ideal choice for anyone who wants their daily commute to be as satisfying as possible.


Its strikingly curved lines, sizable windows and short nose lend the C-Zero considerable city charm and allows for lightweight, agile handling. You will instantly appreciate the body-coloured details and the striking practicalities, such as the high-mounted brake light and LED daytime running lights.​


Despite its looks, the Citroën C-Zero is considerably roomy and easily capable of seating four people in comfort, in addition to a practical 166 litres of boot space. The C-Zero is also driver-friendly, with a carefully designed dashboard that is easy to read and has all controls within reach.

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Thanks to its light build and compact dimensions, the C-Zero has no problems navigating narrow streets or parking in tight spaces. This agility, combined with a 93-mile range, makes light work of the daily commute through busy city streets.

Surprisingly powerful as well, the C-Zero naturally produces zero emissions thanks to its 62bhp electric engine that allows it to go up to 80mph.

Technology and Safety

Well-equipped by default, the Citroën C-Zero comes with a four-speaker surround system that includes a CD player and radio, as well as Bluetooth and USB connectivity.

As it has come to be expected from the manufacturer, the C-Zero presents a comprehensive array of safety features. Technology such as Electronic Stability Programme, Anti-lock Braking System with Electronic Brakeforce Distribution supplement the airbags to keep you safe.

To find out more about the Citroën C-Zero and book your test drive with us, fill in the available online enquiry form or call us at the phone number provided.

Zero CO₂ emissions & Electric Technology Environmentally friendly and cheap to run, this 100% electric car is driven by an electric motor generating 49 kW (or 67 bhp EEC) powered by a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 14.5 kWh. The battery supplies the power for the motor, air conditioning and heating. The C-Zero has a top speed of 80mph and a range of around 93 miles - perfect for zipping around the city. And it's agile and easy to handle for the ultimate in driving pleasure.
AMAZINGLY EASY TO DRIVE FOR EVERYONE Easy and quiet - to start the car, just turn the ignition key. There's no engine noise at all - just a beep to say your car's ready to go. So simple - you only need an accelerator and a brake pedal. Good range - see how much energy you’re using or generating at any time, and adapt your driving style to optimise the battery charge.
Charge as you go Every time you decelerate, you boost your car's battery. As you decelerate, the motor acts as a generator, converting the C-Zero's kinetic energy into electric energy. If you're in a rush or out and about, charge your battery at a handy charging station. In just 30 minutes you'll have 80% charge and be back on the move. Just plug the cable into an ordinary 220V socket. Between 6 and 11 hours later, your Citroën C-Zero will be fully charged and ready to go.